marGenius Support

Here are fequently asked quesitons about marGenius, if you don't see what you're looking for, drop us a comment here.

What is marGenius?
marGenius helps you maximize your time by identifying opportunities for you to meet prospects, customers, partners, suppliers, employees, and even friends locally, nationally, globally.
What is my "primary network" and how is it different from my marGenius network?
Your primary network is all of the people in your address book. They will appear in "Opportunities Around Me" with blue circles as you travel. However, they will not all generate a "secondary network" of opportunities unless they are a marGenius user and have added you to their address book in their phone as well.
What is a "secondary network" and how do I make the most out of it?
Your secondary network is all of the contacts of your primary network. They will appear in "Opportunities Around Me" with green circles as you travel. The way to get access to a large quantity of secondary network opportunities, or "expanding your warm leads" is by ensuring that all of your primary contacts have an address, phone number and email address in your address book, and that your contacts have that information for you as well. It's important that you have a "mutual handshake" in terms of sharing contact information with all of your contacts to get the most out of your secondary network opportunities.

Using the App

Why do some Opportunities have the icon?
This means that contact or opportunity is also using marGenius and you will be able to see open time slots on their calendar.

Importing and Syncing

How often should I sync my phone's contacts within the app?
You should sync every time you add, delete or change a contact's information in your phone. A good practice would be to sync once a day just to be sure your address book is up to date.
Why do I need to import my contacts?
Importing your contacts lets marGenius find Opportunities for you.
Where can I import my contacts from?
marGenius lets you import contacts from your mobile device. If you use a different application for your contacts or have a suggestion for other service providers to import contacts from please let us know at
Why do I need to sync my calendar?
Syncing your calendar lets marGenius plan your opportunities with the most accuracy, we don't want you double booking appointments. Syncing also allows other marGenius users to see your availability. We never show anyone any details about your meetings, except the start and end times.
What calendars are supported?
All users can sync with their mobile calendar. Look for more options in the future. If you have any suggestions for us, please contact us at


How does marGenius know which opportunities are near me in real time?
If a user has logged into the app within the past 24 hours, marGenius will show the user's approximate location. If a user has not logged into the app within 24 hours, marGenius will revert to the contact's address. If there is no address present in the address book, and the geo-location feature is not turned on, marGenius will show a user's location based on their phone's area code.
What are opportunities?
Opportunities are people that you can connect with, whether they are within your contact list or through your connections.
How come I can't see all of my contacts as Opportunities?
Only contacts and connections near to your current location are displayed as opportunities. If you do not have an address or phone number for a contact, marGenius will not be able to display them as an opportunity. marGenius works best if you have an address (at a minimum the zip code for the address) specified for each of your contacts.
How come I see myself as an Opportunity?
If you are seeing yourself as an opportunity, go into the Setting page and click on the "Add Additional Emails" button and add other email addresses that you use (personal, buiness, etc.). By doing this you will filter youself from the Opportunities view.
How do I categorize my Opportunities?
Search for a contact or go to the Contacts page and edit the contact. From there you can choose a category for the contact, don't forget to click on "Save".
How are Opportunities displayed?
Opportunities are displayed based on their categorization and physical distance from your current location or meeting that you were viewing.
How can I view Opportunities for another city?
From the Opportunities page you can navigate to the Around Me or Opportunities pages by clicking on the burger menu icon in the upper left hand ocrner of the APP. Once there use the Option link in the upport right corner and click on "Change" Location", you will be prompted to enter an address. Once you enter the desired address, click on "Update Location". Your opportunities will now be refreshed. Try testing the system; do you have Opportunities in London or about Singapore?


Can other users see when I am available for a meeting? Can they see specific events on my calendar?
Only users in your primary network can see your availability, but they cannot see specific events on your calendar. Users in your secondary network who are not in your address book cannot see your availability until you invite them to connect with you via the marGenius app.
How can I see if I am available for a meeting before scheduling a meeting with a contact?
First, make sure you have synced all of your calendars within the app. (You will have an option to choose which of your calendars to sync. It is recommended you sync all of them to ensure no double booking of appointments.) When you click on an opportunity and then click "schedule a meeting," your calendar will appear, and dates/times you are busy will appear in blue. The date/time you select for your meeting will appear in red. If your contact is a marGenius user, you will also see their calendar with respective dates/times blocked off in blue, along with your suggested meeting time in red on their calendar as well. If your contact is not a marGenius user, you will not see their calendar availability.
What if I don't see all my meetings?
Try and re-sync your calendar and make sure that you have meetings on the calendar that you are syncing with.
How do I add a meeting?
You can meeting three different ways, the first is to create a meeting in the calendar that you are syncing, the second method is to click on the "+" in the upper right hand corner of the Meeting page, and finally is to select a contact and click on the "Request Meeting".
How come I don't see any Opportunities for my meeting?
To view Opportunities for your meeting go your Meeting page and click on the meeting of interest and then click on the "View Opportunities" button. marGenius will now display Opportunities related to this meeting. If not Opportunities are displayed, then either you don't have any contacts to generate Opportunities or you're not connected to anyone that is within 35 miles from your meeting location.
How do I delete my meetings?
To delete your meetings go to the Setting page from the burger menu and click on the "Advanced" tab and then click on "Remove All Meetings". All your meeting from marGenius will be deleted but not from your connected calendar.


What if I don't see any contacts?
Verify that you have imported contacts, or go ahead and create a new contact by selecting "Add New Contact" from the Option link in the upper right hand corner from the Contact page.
How do I import contacts?
Navigate to the Settings page from the burger menu link and select "Import Contacts". All contacts on your mobile device will be imported.
Can I categorize my contacts?
Yes you can categorise your contacts! It is actually a good idea to categorize your contacts, marGenius prioritizes your opportunities by category. Favorites are first and prospects are second, being a marGenius user also adds favorably to their opportunity ranking.
Categories include (listed in order of ranking):

        a.  Favorites

        b.  Prospects

        c.  Customer

        d.  Partner

        e.  Supplier

        f.  Colleague

        g.  Personal

Do you think that we are missing a category, would you like to see another category added? Let us know and we will consider adding it to our next release. This can be done from the feedback link on our settings page or you can just send us an email at
What does "Share" my contact mean?
Sharing your contact make your contact visible to your connection. That means your marGenius connection will be able to see the shared contact as an Opportunity. You can hide your contacts from other marGenius users by opening the contact, clicking "edit" and changing the setting to "not shared."


How do delete my account?
You can delete all of your contacts and meeting from the Setting page, or just send us an email at


What will other members see about me?
They will only see your first and last name, your title and the company you work for. If you're connected to them then your email will also be visible to them along with your calendar availability.

Reporting Violations

How do I report abuse or harassment or spam?
The marGenius team does not tolerate abusive behavior, harassment or spam of any type. If you see this sort of activity please let us know immediately at
How do I report someone misusing marGenius?
Send an email to with the details of the misuse and we'll look into it promptly.
How do I report a idea/tip?
You have a tip, awesome! We'd love to hear your opinion/feedback on marGenius. Just click on the Feedback button from the Setting page or send an email to

Troubleshooting Tips

Having trouble loggin in with your iPhone/iPad?
You'll need to verfiy that your cookies setting is not turned off. To do this: go into Settings --> Safari --> Change "Accept Cookies" to "From Visited".
Your current locaiton not displaying?
You'll need to verfiy that your Locaiton Services are turned on.
For the iPhone/iPad do this: go into Settings --> Locaiton Services --> verfiy that Locaiton Services are set to "On" for Safari.
For Android devices, do this: Settings --> Location services --> verify that "Google's location service" is selected.
Have a question that isn't covered? Email us at