Privacy Policy

When you access marGenius, you provide access to information you create and store in other locations and devices, such as contacts, calendar, and location information.

Depending on the settings you select and the information you choose to import and sync, you allow us to collect your information - such as your name, contact, meetings and photo - and share it with other marGenius users. If you enable location services on your device, we may collect and process information about your actual location, like GPS signals sent by a mobile device.

We use various technologies to collect and store information when you use marGenius, which may include sending cookies or anonymous identifiers to your device.

Here's what we collect:

Information you provide. When you sign up, we collect personal information including name, address, e-mail, contacts, meetings and phone numbers. If you purchase a subscription to the service, we also ask you to arrange for making payments through PayPal (we do not collect or store your credit card information). Check out PayPal's terms of service at: PayPal's User Agreement..

Information you share with others. Our service lets you share information with others. What you share may be public, and may be indexed by a search engines.

Information you share with us "behind the scenes."

  1. Device-specific information. This includes device identifiers for your computer, phone, and mobile network information used to access the service. We may association this information with your account.
  2. Log-on information. We store details of when you log on to the service and log off and information about how you used the service, the internet protocol address from which you logged on. We may use this information to enable cookies that may uniquely identify your browser.
  3. Location information. When you location-enable the service, we may collect and process information about your actual location and relate it to other people or businesses near you.
  4. Cookies, local storage, anonymous identifiers. We may collect and store information locally on your device via browser web storage and data caches. Also, we may send cookies or anonymous identifiers to your device for uses like enabling the sharing experience with local business advertisers.
  5. Meeting and appointments
  6. Contacts and information regarding your contacts

Here's how we use the information we collect:

  1. We use your email address to contact you about the service.
  2. We use cookies and location information to improve your user experience with our service, by storing your preferences and linking you with other users and nearby businesses.
  3. We use the contacts you provide and their address to help other marGenius members connect to them.
  4. We use information about meetings you create to track the aggregate number of meetings booked using our service.

Information we share.

  1. We share information you direct or consent to our sharing with other service users.
  2. We share personal information with others if we believe such sharing is necessary to meet legal requirements, legal process or government requests; to enforce the Terms of Service; to prevent fraud or security breaches; or to protect against harm to the rights of others.
  3. We may share aggregated, non-personally identifiable information publically and with business partners to show trends of service usage.
  4. We use third party data storage facilities to host the data you share with us and the information generated from your use of the service.