The Story

Has this ever happened to you?

  • Meeting Canceled right when you land?
  • Only have 1 meeting on your schedule for the entire day?
  • Not enough prospects in the funnel?
  • Flight canceled?
  • Missed opportunities to socialize with a close friend when visiting their home town?

Well don't worry, you are not the only one. Our founding members travel for living and this application was an outcome of their disastrous trip in July 2010.

While the cost incurred was one thing in their mind, the entire wasted day really got to them and while sitting in the United Lounge to catch the flight back home, they came up with the idea for marGenius to deal with these Now What situations in our every day life. While it took a few more pizza sessions to productize the idea, they were super excited about maximizing people's time every day, every trip, locally, nationally, or globally.

The Team

  • Saurabh Dharia, The technologist
  • Kathy Holmes, The time maximizer
  • Zach Kendall, The marketier
  • Sundeep Sanghavi, The serial traveler